Office Manager/ Executive Assistant

Office Manager/ Executive Assistant

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Have you ever seen one of these offices that look absolutely flawless? The vibe, the people, the plants - everything is just fitting right. Did you know that 90% of the time thats a well kept illusion, perfectly managed by the "secret boss" of the office - aka the Office Manager?

Here at SafeSize we won't bother you with the "run the office smoothly" story - because it is anyway in your nature and you barely have to make an effort to fix it.

We are currently with 35 people - 10 nationalities, across a huge 13th floor of an old corporate building. So, if you would come in, your first thought would be - we need to do something with this place to make it nicer. And yes, we are rebuilding another floor and planning to move there this year some time - but you know how constructions can be delayed.

Except for the plants (that we actually don't have yet and you'll need to order first thing when you start) you will need to welcome new team members, onboard them and keep the whole team alive too. You know - arranging the usual stuff - food, travel, fun, important meetings etc. Here you are getting a carte blanche - all happiness initiatives, people and culture events - we are all in for it! Mind that the more out of the box and innovative the ideas, the better ;) No need to mention here that running an office with so many nationalities, personalities and ambitions requires next level orzganizational skills and flexibility. Read: you are happy to juggle with the 10 balls in the air and understand that sometimes you will need to throw one of these against someone of us. Also, you'll be the "Donna" to the "Harvey" (sorry, not sorry for the Suits reference) to our CEO and leadership team. And you'll get extra points for organzing Game Of Thrones after-work-new-episode-watching-thingy.

To conclude: we won't put you in a box regarding your previous experience, it is up to you how you will persuade us that you are the right one for the job. Previous experience and some Dutch skills might help you of course, but feel free to surprise us with your extraordinary skills and ideas in the world of office management.


That's also something we want to excel into and is therefore still under construction, mind ALSO something you might impact and bring in change too.

  • Competitive salary, benefits & pension plan
  • 25 days of annual leave
  • Dutch lessons
  • Healthy initiatives - bootcamp
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